Hello, I'm Hana Anne . . .

In 2002 I made a decision to sell the family silver and move to Spain. I had an established creative painting business, a lovely home with flower gardens and many friends, but I felt pot bound and possessed by my possessions. I do not miss anything except my cat who I gave to a good friend. After six years of living without a cat I adopted one from the Alhambra where there are dozens of kittens every spring. Nine years later she is 7.5 kilos of fur and love.

I came to Granada on a cold day in January and stayed for a month with Victor at Casa De Victor, a nice place to be comfortable and learn a little Spanish as I didn't know a word when I arrived. I wanted to explore Europe, especially Spain. My days are full, filled with walking, photography, chatting with new friends, and studying Spanish and Arabic. I spend my time shopping in the open air produce and spice markets, the ceramic and textile shops and studying the history and monuments of the past that make up make the historic city of Granada and the Barrio de Albayzin.

I am an artist and photographer, the inspiration of centuries of cultures and their arts in the Andalusia area, along with the generally laid back life style here, was a big draw. I have learned to appreciate the food here, both Spanish, Mediterranean and Moroccan dishes that are redily available. I have learned to make gazpacho, baklava, Moroccan tea, and the ever popular Spanish tortilla. Paella she leaves up to the experts who cook it the traditional way over an outdoor wood fire.

When I first arrived in Granada we did not get on a bus or into a taxi for six months, I walked everywhere . Walking afforded me the opportunity of truly seeing the area in a way that rushing past in a vehicle does not allow.

So... come join me for a glass of Moroccan tea or some Spanish fare and allow me to share my experience, enthusiasm and excellent service with you.

 السلام عليكم

Hana An Mac Neil

Granada - Albayzin, Spain

Our Philosophy

We are different . . .

We don't try to be all things to all people. Our focus is only in Andalucia. Our company is small, straight forward and simple and we plan to keep it that way. 

The tours you reserve with us will never be subcontracted to other companies or guides not directly working for us. In addition we never lead you to shops where we receive a 'kick-back' for goods you purchase. (a common practice here) Nor do we receive compensation from hotels, restaurants or services we might recommend. The buck stops here and we take complete responsibility for the private one on one tours you reserve with granadawalkingtours.

Our goals are to share our enthusiasm and knowledge regarding the region and its history, while all the time working with your time frame and schedule. The pace is one on one client oriented, slow and flexible. We never rush from one sight to another as though our hair is on fire. These goals will enable you to have a pleasurable experience seeing the most of Andalucia with the least amount of hassle.

All of our guides are well spoken of on tripadvisor.com, Fromers and other travel blogs and therefore sought out. However it isn't a personality or popularity contest. Each tour is lead by a licensed guide who has lived in Granada or Andalusia a minimum of ten years. All have a masters degree or higher relating to Spanish history or medieval art history. All guides are able to relate and converse no matter the level of our clients experience, be it a seasoned or novice traveler.

Happy touring

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